Heathmere Computer

electronics and information technology have intrigued me for over 20 years. 
After working for Staples as an Easy Tech, I decided to establish my own business Heathmere Computer Services in 2015.

About us 

  • On-site or in-office service charge is $150.00, regardless of how long your repair takes. I do not charge any additional hourly rates.On-site service calls have a $15.00 trip fee in addition to the $150.00 service charge.
  • Service charge includes a one-time follow-up remote service call within 7 days.
  • Remote service call for minor repairs is $30.00; 30-minute time limit.
  • Payment can be made by cash or card.
  • Invoices can be paid online through a secure site.
  • You will receive monthly promotional offers by email.
  • I now offer a managed anti-virus software that will alert me when your computer has a problem. Annual fee for software is $55.00. Installation is done remotely, no charge.